100% Pure Upperi Kappa/Dried Tapioca, A Home made product

**No preservatives added**

Unakka kappa/Dried Tapioca Preparation (Kerala Traditional Dry fried tapioca chips)

  1. Heat some oil in a frying pan.
  2. When the oil is hot, slide in few dried tapioca pieces and fry it for few minutes.
  3. Turning to all pieces and when it becomes crispy, get a light brown, take it off from the oil and keep it on news paper/tissue paper to remove excess oil.
  4. Move it to a plate and add some salt for the taste.
  5. Serve it as an snack.
  6. Keep it in airtight containers for future use.

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Upperi Kappa (ഉപ്പേരിക്കപ്പ)

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